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Anthropologie, the large clothing retailer that remains relatively unknown outside their anchor stores' regions, is one of my favorite "stories" in the fashion world. In fact, I like most everything about them except for how they dip their greedy fingers into my handbag (figuratively, of course) every time I visit them physically or virtually. If you haven't heard of Anthropologie, you might have heard of their parent company, Urban Outfitters. Anthropologie was spun off to cater to the Urban Outfitters audience that grew up and became successful. In essence, Urban Outfitters is trying to follow their customers later into their lives.

They've take a unique approach with much of their clothing, including limited distribution. If you find a piece of Anthropologie clothing, you will not find that same piece at any other retailer. Limited run clothing items are common, and you'll even see some one of a kind items from time to time. Floral prints, appliques, laces, velvets and dainty details can be found in many Anthropologie clothing styles. What I find so appealing about their style is the quiet confidence of it. It really is for the woman who wants to look good, but knows that she doesn't need tight fits or low cuts to accomplish that. They simply make attractive, sexy, confident, elegant clothing. This is a trend that I wish were more mainstream, and these kinds of clothes really make a woman feel like a woman. They also focus heavily on accessories and home d├ęcor, so chances are that if you like the style of their clothing, you'll also like their other offerings for both you and your home. And it also makes for a nice shopping experience.

According to Anthropologie's literature, their target customer is a woman in her 30's to 40's with an upscale income. But walk into any store and you might see a different story. You'll find women of all ages browsing the racks, and they stay there for quite some time. Urban Outfitters claims that the average shopping experience at their Anthropologie stores lasts a full 80 minutes, as compared to the 15 minutes seen at other retailers. This could be a function of the age, of course, but that wouldn't be telling the whole story. It's safe to say that I'm a fan of the Anthropologie brand and the Anthropologie fashion principles, but I'll also be the first to admit that they're not very budget friendly!


Geraldine Meaney wrote:

Got my NWT Anthropologie Rhapsodie Pencil dress, Sz 4. by Pankaj & Nidhi years ago and am really happy with it.
Jennifer wrote:
Last week I found my Anthropologie Weston Wear Floral Dress Sz S Small NWT $138 at garage sale.
Horacio wrote:
Just yesterday I bought my Sandhill Crane Dress By Moulinette Soeurs From Anthropologie Size 4. at garage sale.
Verlene Odell wrote:
Got my NEW Anthropologie Maeve Coralshine Dress Size 0-2-4-6-8-10-12-14 years ago and am totally pleased the purchase.
Aldo wrote:
Got my Women's Size 2 Lace and Silk Anthropologie Shift Dress months ago and am really happy how much it cost.
Shawnna Devlin wrote:
Myra wrote:
Just yesterday I found my NEW Anthropologie New Light Dress By Yoana Baraschi Sizes 0-2-4-6-8-10-10P-12 at garage sale.
Lucilla Lecuyer wrote:
Today my son picked up my womens dress Free People pink cotton floral size medium M Anthropologie beaded on Amazon.
Ivey wrote:
Got my The Addison Story Anthropologie Size L Silk Dress Black Cinch Waist Cross Front years ago and am totally pleased the purchase.
Elinor Oshiro wrote:
Just last week I bought my NWT Anthropologie Soraya Maxi Dress Sz 0 4 on Amazon.
Kristel Raschke wrote:
Got my NWT MCGINN STRIPED DRESS SIZE 6 ANTHROPOLOGIE MEDIUM M STRAPLESS SMALL S weeks ago and am totally pleased the quality.
Kimberely wrote:
Recently my daughter found my NIP Anthropologie Soleil Shift Dress by Porridge, Pink, size M, was $58 on Amazon.
Brian wrote:
Got my New Ryu Anthropologie Dress Pink & Nude Size Small years ago and am really happy how much it cost.
Margy wrote:
Got my Anthropologie Weston Wear Brown Knit Dress Sz S Small NWT some time ago and am totally pleased that I got it.
Kasie wrote:
Daisy Bellis wrote:
Got my Anthropologie dress sz 2 XS silk green pink floral Moulinette Soeurs months ago and am totally pleased that I got it.
Fay Dudas wrote:
Got my Anthropologie Funky People Green Sweater Dress Sz S Small NWT some time ago and am really happy how much it cost.
Rosario wrote:
Recently my wife bought my Anthropologie Free People womens silk sundress size 6 yellow green print lace S on eBay.
Daniel wrote:
Got my NEW Anthropologie Mentha Dress Size 4 Petite MSRP $148 Green Silver Maeve weeks ago and am really happy that I got it.
Nathan wrote:
Today I found my Anthropologie Weston Wear Fuchsia Knit Dress Sz S Small NWT on Amazon.

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